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Welcome to the home page for BARD Express. Here you will find everything you need to know about using BARD Express.

What is BARD Express

BARD Express provides NLS patrons with an easy way to access BARD. Use BARD Express to browse thousands of audio books and magazines, download them to your Windows-based computer, and transfer them to an NLS cartridge. BARD Express simplifies the process by providing a menu-driven interface, reducing the need to memorize a complex set of keyboard commands. What does this mean? BARD Express can be used with as few as four keys, while providing advanced functionality for the more adventurous user.


Learn more about BARD Express by checking out the Frequently Asked Questions or by browsing the BARD Express Continuous User Guide. If you’re already running BARD Express, access the help topics by pressing F1.

How to get BARD Express

Download BARD Express. After saving it to your computer, locate the file and open it. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. If you have questions contact your regional library.  


 BARD Express Main Menu screen displaying the five buttons: Bookshelf, Wish List, Recently Added Books and Magazines, Most Popular Books, Browse by Subject, Browse by Series, Browse Magazines, Search BARD, Preferences, and Manage Devices.
Figure 1: Main Menu

BARD Express Search BARD screen displaying the search types: By Keyword, By DB Number, By Author Beginning With, and By Title Beginning With.
Figure 2: Search BARD

BARD Express Bookshelf screen displaying bookshelf contents organized by Type: All Books and Magazines, Audio Books, Audio Magazines, Read Items, and Unread Items.
Figure 3: Bookshelf

BARD Express Copy to Cartridge screen displaying All Books and Magazines on Bookshelf and the Copy to Cartridge dialog box.
Figure 4: Copy to Cartridge


Learn more about Bard Express by checking out the Frequently Asked Questions.


Please direct all BARD Express support related questions to A BARD Support Team member will contact you regarding your query.